Who we are

The founding members are:  

Sandy Harvey (A I P S C) comes from within the recruitment industry after years of being part of larger personnel organisations.  Sandy’s objective in starting MS Staffing Solutions was to take the focus off figure driven results and rather concentrate on individual quality placements on a long term basis. We believe in placing our future clients.  

Lynn Parrish Dip Bus Man. who has been in a senior management position within the welding and engineering industry for many years, then moved into the recruitment industry to apply her skills and knowledge gained. Having worked with people on all different levels She is adept at finding the right candidate for the position. Lynn is currently doing her final year MBA through Damelin.  

Lindiwe Ndlovu is fairly new to the industry and adds her knowledge of local traditions and talents to the company.  She is also very service orientated and forms an integral part of the applicant screening process.    

Natashia Jeeawon has 7 years experience in the Recruitment industry. She recruits successfully across all industries at all levels.  Her ability to accurately match applicants to relevant environments ensures happy clients and happy staff.  Client satisfaction is her passion  

Each consultant recruited, brings to the company their own unique experience and speciality.  All are individually picked for their sensitivity to client and applicants needs, and a passion for recruitment issues.  Our consultants do not work to targets as in most sales environments - we do not want them to lose sight of focusing on people rather than just placements.