What we do

Serving you, the client, to the best of our ability would ultimately describe the main reason for our existence. In line with the Constitution and Code of Ethics set out by the Association of Personnel Service Organizations of South Africa, MS STAFFING strives to give you our best when it comes to finding quality workforce.  We aim to offer a personal and above average service, driven by people who are passionate about their clients’ needs.

We know that all people are unique. It is for this reason that we treat applicants as complex individuals with various needs, expectations, dreams and goals. It is important that we strive for accuracy when it comes to the screening process. This involves the following:

  •     Employment record,
  •     Skill check,
  •     Credit and/or criminal check (on request),
  •     Reference check,
  •     Employment confirmation and
  •     Personality evaluation.

We ask our clients for a full and detailed job specification along with all the skills necessary and a reasonable time period in which to find the most suitable applicant.  We will forward the printouts from each of our assessments for the client’s information and for their records. This will include any other tests - such as polygraph testing-conducted, over and above the normal client requirements. References and results of our tests are confidential and are not to be discussed with the individual applicant.